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Warning: The following pest reports have not yet been confirmed with the appropriate National Plant Protection Organization. They are provided solely as an early warning to NAPPO countries, and all National and Regional Plant Protection Organizations should use this information with caution.

Subject: Potato Yellow Vein Virus in South America
Publicada: June 19, 2001
Source: CFIA PHEWS; Salazar L.F., G. Muller, M. Querci, J.L. Zapata and R.A. Owens (2000) Ann. Appl. Biol.137: 7-19.
Potato Yellow Vein Virus (PYVV), a closterovirus which can be trasmitted by the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum, has been reported in Colombia since the 1940's. Salazar et al. (2000) identified several new hosts as potential virus reservoirs, including Polygonum mepalense, Polygonum spp., Rumex obtusifolium, Tagetes sp., and Catharanthus roseus. Previously reported hosts included potatoes, Lycopersicon sp. and Solanum nigrum. It also appears that PYVV is spreading from Colombia and Ecuador into Venezuela and Peru, and the pathway is speculated to be through informal trade in seed potatoes and/or recent population increases of the whitefly vector.

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