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Thlaspi arvenseL.

A weed of quarantine significance to Mexico, but not to the U.S.A. and Canada where it is established

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Nombre: Thlaspi arvense L.
Posición taxonómica:
Plantae: Brassicaceae
Nombre común: field pennycress or carraspique (Spanish); stinkweed

Thlaspi arvense is not present in Mexico but is considered a high risk for establishment.

Preocupación: Where established in the U.S.A (at least 48 states), this plant is considered an invasive weed. In Mexico, it has been intercepted in oat, barley, corn, sorghum, soy, wheat seeds and grass from the U.S., and in canola from Canada. A technical report (in Spanish) can be accessed below.

Throughout U.S.A. and Canada; British Isles; Europe to 79N; northern Africa; western Asia; Siberia; Japan

Cuarentenas: Considered a quarantine pest by Mexico

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