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Zaprionus indianus Gupta
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Florida fruit fly sampling efforts uncover first North American detection of Zaprionus indianus.


Name: Zaprionus indianus Gupta

Taxonomic Position:

Animalia : Arthropoda : Insecta : Diptera : Drosphilidae


The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Division of Plant Industry) has just posted an informative pest alert about Zaprionus indianus in Florida. This is the first report of this genus in North America.

Issues of Concern:

Zaprionus indianus is an internally feeding fruit fly. In Brazil, this fly is the primary economic pest of figs. With most hosts the fly is unable to infest intact skin and will use natural openings or wounds for oviposition. The host range includes a number of commercially produced fruit crops in the southern United States and Mexico.


Please see Florida’s Pest Alert for more information about this new detection.



Steck, G.J. 2005. Pest Alert: Zaprionus indianus Gupta (Diptera: Drosphilidae), a Genus and Species New to Florida and North America. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Division of Plant Industry). 12 Dec 2005.

Warning: The information in this alert has not been confirmed with the appropriate National Plant Protection Organization and is provided solely as an early warning. Please use the above information with caution.

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Prepared on: 01/03/2006
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