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New cyst nematode discovered on corn in Tennessee, United States

Scientific Name: Unknown

Describer: nan

Common Name: Cyst Nematode

Title: New cyst nematode discovered on corn in Tennessee, United States


Significance: Nematologists have discovered a new cyst nematode in soil samples taken from a field in northwestern Tennessee in 2006.  The report was confirmed in July 2007.  The samples taken from soil around stunted corn plants revealed juveniles and lemon-shaped cysts.  The nematode has physical characteristics that differentiate it from Heterodera species, including the corn cyst nematode, Heterodera zeae.  Genetic analyses confirmed the cysts differed from Heterodera zeae, but resulted in a match with cyst specimens collected in Tennessee in 1978 from goosegrass (Eleusine indica).  So far, the nematode is reported to reproduce well on a variety of hybrid corn cultivars, but reproduced poorly on other monocots that were tested.  No dicot hosts have been reported.

Issues of Concern: If this nematode spreads to other crop production systems or areas, it could make differentiation from other cyst nematodes difficult, particularly if sampling and monitoring programs are in place.


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