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Cydalima perspectalis: new distribution

Scientific Name: Cydalima perspectalis

Describer: Walker

Common Name: nan

Title: Cydalima perspectalis: new distribution


Significance: Cydalima perspectalis is a moth native to East Asia, but has spread throughout Europe as an invasive pest of Buxus spp., causing major damage in natural and planted stands (Nacambo et al., 2014). Larval feeding can cause complete defoliation of the tree. Larvae can also feed on the bark of Buxus plants which can result in drying out of the tree and, eventually, tree death (Nacambo et al., 2014). Cydalima perspectalis has not been reported from North America. This pest is of concern because many Buxus spp. are commonly propagated and sold by the nursery industry as an ornamental plant (Anonymous, 2016; Bilderback et al., 1997; Pascoe, 2015). Cydalima perspectalis has been highlighted in previous NAPPO-PAS Pest Alerts (http://www.pestalert.org/viewNewsAlert.cfm?naid=92).

Issues of Concern: In 2014, Cydalima perspectalis was observed infesting Buxus spp. (boxwood) plants in Montenegro (Hrn?i? and Radonji?, 2017) and Serbia (Stojanovi? et al., 2015; Vajgand, 2016) and in 2016, was observed feeding on unidentified plants in Ukraine (Nagy et al., 2017). These are the first reports of C. perspectalis in Montenegro, Serbia, and Ukraine.


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