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New Zealand hitchhiker pest, Nysius huttoni, found in Europe

Scientific Name: Nysius huttoni

Describer: White

Common Name: wheat bug

Title: New Zealand hitchhiker pest, Nysius huttoni, found in Europe


Significance: Previously undetected outside of New Zealand, Nysius huttoni has been found in the Southwest area of the Netherlands and the adjoining Northwestern area of Belgium. Nysius huttoni is a polyphagous sap-feeding insect that can cause serious damage to wheat and plants in the Brassicaceae family.

Pathways: Hitchhiker. Has been found on apple fruit packages exported from New Zealand.

Hosts: Brassica spp., Medicago sativa (alfalfa), Trifolium dubiumT. pratenseT. repens (clovers), and Poaceae such as: Avena sativa (oat), BromusHordeum sativum(barley), LoliumSecale cereale (rye), Triticum aestivum (wheat). The following weeds have been reported as hosts: Anagallis arvensisCalandrinia caulescensCapsella bursa-pastorisCassinia leptophylaChenopodium albumCoronopus didymusHieraciumPolygonum aviculareRumex acetosellaSenecio inaequidensSilene gallicaSoliva sessilisSpergularia rubra, and Stellaria media. It is also suggested that the presence of mosses (e.g. CeratodonSphagnumPolytrichum spp.) may be crucial for the overwintering period.


For more details please visit the full report published by the EPPO Reporting Service 2006, No. 02, p. 6. Available online: http://archives.eppo.org/EPPOReporting/2006/Rse-0602.pdf

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