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Bactra bactrana reported feeding on peppers for the first time

Scientific Name: Bactra bactrana

Describer: Kennel

Common Name: nan

Title: Bactra bactrana reported feeding on peppers for the first time


Issues of Concern: In 2014, Bactra bactrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) larvae were found infesting Capsicum annuum (pepper) fruits in two greenhouses in the Greek island of Crete. Multiple small holes were observed on infested fruits, and internal feeding resulted in extensive tissue damage, dark discoloration, and yield losses. This is the first report of C. annuum as a host of B. bactrana (Roditakis et al., 2015). Bactra bactrana was previously only known to be a stem borer of Cyperaceae and Poaceae (Brown et al., 2008; Roditakis et al., 2015). The factors influencing the tortricid shift to peppers are currently unknown.


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