Official Pest Report

Official Pest Reports are provided by National Plant Protection Organizations within the NAPPO region. These Pest Reports are intended to comply with the International Plant Protection Convention's Standard on Pest Reporting, endorsed by the Interim Commission on Phytosanitary Measures in March 2002.

Pine Shoot Beetle (PSB), Tomicus piniperda, Notice of Quarantined Area

Country: United States

Title: Pine Shoot Beetle (PSB), Tomicus piniperda, Notice of Quarantined Area

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This memorandum provides notification, effective immediately, for quarantine of all counties of Pennsylvania for PSB, Tomicus piniperda.  This action is in response to the decision made by the State of Pennsylvania, communicated to U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Information Service, by the Pennsylvania State Plant Regulatory Official, to end intrastate quarantine of counties where PSB has been detected, effective December 9, 2005.


Interstate movement from Pennsylvania of articles regulated for PSB must be in compliance with the stipulations of 7 CFR 301.50.


This action is authorized by 7 CFR 301.50-3 (b) which provides for temporary designation pending publication of a rule to add new areas to the list shown in

7 CFR 301.50-3 (c).               


The 7 CFR 301.50-3 (b) further requires written notification be given to the owner or person(s) in possession of a newly quarantined area.  This is the responsibility of the Federal and State regulatory personnel in charge of the PSB program in the affected state.


If you wish more details on the Federal regulatory program, you may contact Staff Officer Weyman Fussell at (301) 734-5705. 


Posted Date: Dec. 13, 2005, 9 a.m.