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Sudden Oak Death (SOD), Phytophthora ramorum, First Detection in Washington State

Country: United States

Title: Sudden Oak Death (SOD), Phytophthora ramorum, First Detection in Washington State

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On June 5, 2003, the Washington State Department of Agriculture announced confirmation of the presence of Sudden Oak Death (SOD), Phytophthora ramorum, in four rhododendrons at a nursery in south King's County, Washington. This detection was made as a result of trace forwards from plants shipped from an affiliated nursery previously detected with the disease in Oregon.

This is the first detection of SOD in Washington State. In addition to this nursery, 12 nurseries have been reported surveyed with negative results, though this data is not yet in the National Agricultural Pest Information System database. More nurseries are scheduled to be surveyed. In our nationwide survey, over 1,000 samples have been taken with only one positive find in Oregon. In the affected Washington State nursery, 261 plant samples were taken, four tested positive, and the result was confirmed by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

Additional traces are being conducted and, where indicated, plants and premises are being inspected and tested.

In response to the Washington State find, we have issued an Emergency Action Order requiring the nursery to:
Hold all SOD susceptible plants until inspected (underway).
Destroy all rhododendrons in the same lot.
Destroy all susceptible plants within two meters of the susceptible plants.
Hold all susceptible plants located within ten meters for 90 days, with regular inspection. If no signs of disease are found, they will be released for sale.

APHIS is currently regulating 12 California counties and one county in Oregon. A national nursery survey coordinated by APHIS is continuing.

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Posted Date: June 12, 2003, 9 a.m.